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Monday, May 26, 2003
  I spy a gal with too much. Too much and not enough of anything. The latest edition of Elle, Marie Claire and In Style arrived. Too close together by far. They should all get together and determine the best way to stagger the mailings. I always wind up taking the one with the best cover, not too heavy so it fits in the all in one work purse bicep improvement bag (good ones have zipper pocket and cell phone compartment (not used for phone but great for random displaced advil, bobbi pins, and all mints not in tin as to protect each from brown smelly flakes of tabacco)). This perfect mag gets old quick; 1-2 fast flips on subway, 2 good article sections always found and discussed with girls, and of course the random desperate read while at dentist, doctor, therapist office so not forced to read "Parenting" or "Good Housekeeping". Regardless, loyal mag gets dumped within 8 days in corner recepticle when feeling self needs to simply purse and life. The others not chosen sit on counter with unread fan mail (okay junk) until moved to rack. I cannot throw away unread mags. Its not fair. They get dusty until simplifing life gets more intense and true apartment cleaning happens. Usually every 7 weeks. Have cleaning lady--am not gross.
Cleaning ladies, hmm. Sounds nice but they never seem to get to the down and dirty. That is why they are hired. I can dust and and vaccum as they are quite rewarding, progress seen with each movement. Cleaning lady finds this true herself and therefore nobody ever gets dust bunnies from under shoe rack or book case.
I have moved each year since I was 18, that's 10 times. Thats alot. Thats what I am doing now... moving. Hate it. PROCRASTINATION. HAHAA. Caps lock went on by itself there.
P.S. Have found great corn tofu dogs from morningstar. Can have "meat on stick" but healthier. Wonder if this is the left over tofu from other creations. Would prefer not to think about it. Must enjoy.
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